Brabus – High Performance since 1977

A Brabus shows what is inside, but you can only guess the true extent and interaction of high performance and everyday comfort - which always comes first.

As one of the largest independent car tuners in the world, Brabus offers exclusive and comprehensive tuning packages for Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach. The main focus is increasing the performance that goes so far that Brabus is officially regarded as a car manufacturer. Brabus upgrades not only the engine but also the interior equipment with high-quality materials and additional technical features. A Brabus differs from the original model: the high-end finisher from Bottrop changes the entire chassis, the wheel / tire combination and gives the finished vehicle with adapted body parts a new look. From stylish and discreet to pure-bred sports cars, Brabus offers something for every taste.

Experience the myth of Brabus by driving a high-tech car. Brabus stands for more than just a powerful Mercedes. With us you experience the feeling of unlimited power with every touch on the gas pedal. Come and enjoy of what the engineers at Brabus strive for: Ultimate performance - everyday! If a Mercedes-Benz is not enough and you seek something special, then you are exactly right with us