FAB Design

Powerful design, generous vehicle widths, air cooling ventilation that inevitable catches one's eye - when you are looking at a Mercedes with these features, the Swiss tuning company FAB Design is probably responsible. The company is known for its visually striking upgrades and, of course, does not leave anything to be desired when it comes to performance enhancement.

Besides Mercedes models, other brands are also enjoying FAB upgrades. Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini have all been addressed by the designers and engineers of FAB Design. Even a Land Rover already carries the conspicuous features of the Swiss tuning company - the FAB Noreia.

All this takes place under the name FAB-Exclusive-Line. The smallest series of these tuning packages mostly follow customer requests. Many are limited to 15 pieces. What began with the Porsche Panamera in 2010, has since expanded to many other brands. FAB Design has long ceased to be on the wish list of Mercedes lovers only. Of course, the Swiss company offers a completely personalised design according to your ideas and requirements.